Dealing with Depression


There is a subject that I have never talked about, it is something in me that will stay with me for the rest of my life, that is why I use the subject “Dealing with Depression” in this article and hopefully in others to come.

Depression is an illness that statistically affects approximately ten percent of the population, regardless of your place of birth or any other parameters. It does affect men or women.

The truth is that we all get depressed at one point of our lives, it is normal, we are not robots but when we can not overcome the effects of depression just by having a conversation or eating an ice cream, or going to see a movie, then we have a problem.

I’m not a medic, I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist. I’m just a simple and barely a normal person that suffers from depression.

I will try to explain what happens to me so others can relate to this illness by understanding better somebody that suffers from it or by helping others that have the same condition.

In this matter there is no good or wrong, there is no specific diagnosis since science has spent little time in searching for causes, treatments and improvements. Many theories are old and became useless, many medications are not good for our bodies and corporations only try to make money out of it, adding that medics do not really fully understand the illness.

Specific diagnosis for depression is sometimes confusing, many diagnoses do not come alone, they come with other disorders and or deficits, it is different in each person.

Generally speaking no body admits having depression. Even less tells a friend about his condition. I have found that society including family members evade the subject. For example one can not tell anybody in a corporative environment that suffers from depression, that by itself will limit any future success inside the company. Friends that are superficial will automatically stop talking to you or seeing you, It is sad but it happens.

There are many things that I have learned about myself through all those years. I’m older than forty and I can say without being modest that I know the subject equal or better that a medic. Experience is the clue to this subject, just as it is in life.

Me in Huarmey 2011

I will write from my own experience about things that happened to me, things that I do to overcome my mods and things that I take and don’t take.

But in any case or scenario, if you are at the point of breaking down badly I advise to check with a specialist. My writings can not avoid the negative and strong thoughts somebody might have in their mind. To read this is better to be calm and ready. Never think that there is an answer or a solution to your problems because I never got it, it just don’t exist. The real deal is to know yourself and expending quality time thinking about ways to solve your problems. And of course surround yourself with people that are positive and exercise more than frequently.

So, I hope my writing will be helpful to those who read this section of my blog.




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